Irma de

Film and video plays a big role in the work of Irma de Vries. Many of her artworks show a variation of different ways to work with video. From videomapping to short films. Enjoy the selection made below.

Videomapping on the Brukenthal museum, Sibiu Romania.

Irma de Vries won the first prize at this festival.


Videomapping on the Mozes and Aaronkerk Amsterdam. In cooperation with the EYE filminstituut and the Jewish hostoric museum Amsterdam.

The story is based on the writings of philispher Spinoza who was born next to this church.

A short movie of Napoleon and Jopesphine seen at the Cinema Ascona theater. 2014

A short movie, called "A domestic Raven" based on the novel of James Purdy was seen at several filmfestivals like Cannes short film corner and the Cinema ascona Theater. 2014